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    Animal Control Unit

    The Animal Control Unit has two core responsibilities, respond to calls for service regarding animals and operate a full service animal shelter for unclaimed animals. The shelter maintains one of the highest percentages of animal placement in the United States, using every possible means to place animals into a proper, nurturing environment. The Animal Control Unit also monitors the City’s public dog parks to ensure rules and regulations are being maintained. The Animal Control Unit is staffed by a Police Services Management Supervisor, Animal Control Officers and Animal Attendants. The Animal Shelter is located at 1640 Ninth Street, Santa Monica, California.  The Animal Shelter may be reached by telephone at 310.458.8594, or via e-mail at  The Animal Shelter is open 8am to 5pm, Tuesday through Saturday.  The Animal Shelter is closed on Sunday and Monday.  Information regarding found pets, lost pets and adoptable animals may be found at

    For information regarding vector-transmitted diseases and vector related injuries, please contact the Los Angeles County West Vector and Vector-Bourne Disease Control District.  "Vector" means any animal capable of transmitting the causative agent of human disease or capable of producing human discomfort or injury including, but not limited to, mosquitoes, flies, other insects, ticks, mites and rats, but not including any domesticated animal.

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