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    Adult Identification Registry

    From time to time, our officers are called upon to assist a lost senior citizen or dependent adult. These individuals may be disoriented or suffer from memory loss, making it difficult for officers to identify them and return them home safely.

    The Adult Identification Registry was created to provide officers access to a database that would enable them to quickly match characteristics of the lost individual to those of persons registered in the system. This voluntary registry provides peace of mind to caregivers and family members, and ensures a prompt return of the individual to the safety and comfort of their home. For more information, please contact the Community Affairs Unit at 310.458.8474.

    Information contained in the registry is strictly confidential and for the exclusive use of the Santa Monica Police Department.

    To register a senior or dependent adult, please complete the Identification Registry Form  including an attached photograph* of the individual, and mail to:

    Santa Monica Police Department
    Attn: Community Affairs Unit
    333 Olympic Dr
    Santa Monica, CA 90401

    *Photograph must be at least wallet size (approximately 2" x 3").  Please provide a photo (if one was not taken by Santa Monica Police Department staff).  Photos will not be returned.

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