4.08.780 - Restrictions on Specific Items During Community Events

To preserve public health, safety, and welfare by promoting peaceful protests, public assemblies, and community events while preventing violence, bodily harm, and property damage, the City of Santa Monica has enacted the following content-neutral time, place, and manner regulations that prohibit the possession or use of specified items while participating in any public assembly or community event. 

Pursuant to Santa Monica Municipal Code Section 4.08.780:

While participating in any community event or public assembly, no person shall use, carry, or possess any of the following items or articles:

1. If affixed to and being used to support a sign, poster, banner, placard, notice, puppet, or other expressive display, any length of lumber, wood, wood lath, or plastic pipe, whether hollow or solid, if that object is sharpened on either end or  has affixed to either end any sharpened item of any material;

2. If not affixed to and being used to support a sign, poster, banner, placard, notice, puppet, or other expressive display: (i) any length of lumber, wood, or wood lath, excluding only a pencil or other wooden writing instrument; and (ii) any length of plastic pipe, whether hollow or solid, excluding only a plastic pen or other plastic writing instrument;

3.  Any length of metal pipe, whether hollow or solid, excluding only a metal pen or other metal writing instrument;

4.  Any baseball or softball bat, regardless of composition or size;

5.  Any aerosol spray, including tear gas, mace, pepper spray, smoke canister, or bear repellent;

6. Any projectile launcher or other device, such as a catapult or wrist rocket, that is commonly used for the purpose of launching, hurling, or throwing any object, liquid, material, or other substance, whether through force of air pressure, spring action, or any other mechanism;

7.  Any chain greater than 20 inches in length or greater than ¼ inch in diameter;

8.  Any knives, daggers, swords, sabers, other bladed devices, axes, axe handles, hatchets, billy clubs, ice picks, razor blades, nunchucks or other martial arts weapons of any kind, box cutters, pellet or BB guns, improvised explosive devices (IEDs), dynamite, conducted electrical weapons (CEWs) including, but not limited to, tasers or stun guns, metal/composite/wooden knuckles, or toy or replica firearms.

9.  Any container, including, but not limited to, balloons, bottles, water cannons, super-soakers, or toy or replica firearms, filled with any flammable, biohazard, or other noxious matter that is injurious, or nauseous, sickening, or irritating to any of the senses;

10.  Any glass bottles or metal containers, whether empty or filled;

11.  Any open flame torches, lanterns, or other devices that utilize combustible materials such as gasoline, kerosene, propane, or other fuel sources;

12. Any shields made of metal, wood, hard plastic, or any combination thereof;

13.  Any bricks, rocks, pieces of asphalt or concrete, metal pellets, or ball bearings;

14.  Any gas masks or similar breathing devices;

15.  Any impact-resistant helmet, including, but not limited to, motorcycle or bicycle helmets (unless being worn while riding a motorcycle or bicycle), sports helmets, or ballistic helmets;

16.  Any laser pointers or laser-style devices emitting any color beam, milliwatt output level, intensity class level or any visibility level, including infrared, or nonvisible;

17.  Any umbrellas in the absence of rain; during rainy weather, an umbrella shall not exceed 16 inches in its longest dimension when fully collapsed and shall have a blunt end;

18.  Any professionally manufactured or personally fabricated equipment or clothing designed to be bullet-resistant, fragment-resistant, stab-resistant, or impact-resistant, including, but not limited to, riot control gear, sports equipment, bullet-resistant vests, flak jackets, or stab-resistant vests; or

19.  Load-bearing or similar tactical vests commonly used by law enforcement or military personnel and designed to carry weapons, tactical equipment, or armor plates.

Any person violating this prohibition shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, which shall be  punishable by a fine not exceeding $500, by imprisonment in the County Jail for a period not exceeding six months, or by both such fine and imprisonment.

Nothing in this Section shall prohibit a person from carrying a cane or using a walker or other similar device necessary for providing mobility so that the person may participate in a community event or public assembly.

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