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    Obtain a Copy of a Police Report

    To obtain a copy of a police report that has already been filed, please follow the steps below. The report of written response will be mailed within approximately 10 business days (not including weekends and holidays).

    1. Complete & Print a Request Form

    2. Fill out a check or money order for the following fees:
      Crime Report: $2.00 deposit
      Accident Report: $3.00 deposit
      Police reports are $1.00 per page.  If the report is longer than two pages for a crime report or longer than three pages for a traffic accident report, the Santa Monica Police Department will notify you of the additional costs to obtain the entire report.

    3. Mail the completed Request Form and check/money order to:
      Santa Monica Police Department
      Attn: Records
      333 Olympic Drive
      Santa Monica, CA 90401

    For more information, contact the Records Unit at 310.458.8431

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