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    File a Police Report

    The Santa Monica Police Department accepts the following types of reports online

    • Graffiti (spray painting, writing, or drawing on a building, wall, fence, etc.)
    • All other Vandalism (defaced or damaged property - example: a vehicle tire being slashed)
    • Lost Property (property that is missing - example: an item left behind in a restaurant, or something falling out of a pocket/purse)
    • Theft of a Bicycle. The value of the bicycle must be below $950 and the bicycle must not have been in a garage or carport

    And, only under the following conditions: 

    • The suspect was not seen or cannot be described
    • There is no physical evidence to be examined or collected such as fingerprints or DNA
    • The incident occurred within the city limits of Santa Monica

    If your report cannot be completed online, please call the Communications Center at 310-458-8491. The dispatcher that answers your call will ask you some questions to determine whether a report is necessary and how you should go about completing the report. Depending on the situation, you may be directed to come to the Public Safety Facility, or wait for an officer to be sent out to the incident location within Santa Monica. 

    If you are advised to come to the Public Safety Facility at 333 Olympic Drive, go to the front desk in the lobby of the first floor (entrance is on Olympic Drive) and let the officer know that you need to file a police report. Please keep in mind that Monday through Friday, the hours between 9am to 5pm are the busiest times for the Public Safety Facility. While we do our best to accommodate everyone as quickly as possible, you may encounter a long wait during these times.

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