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    School Safety

    It is important to be vigilant of our children daily, in what may seem minor details. Please follow these tips to keep our youth safe.


    • If you are not too familiar with your child’s school, tour the school and the neighborhood with them. Identify places they may or may not go.
    • Discuss the school's emergency/disaster plan with your entire family so everyone is prepared.
    • If your children are to be in charge of themselves at home, discuss the routines they are to follow—e.g., household chores, pets to tend, homework, family policies on visiting friends or having friends visit them, and what to do when the telephone or doorbell rings.
    • If you are not going to be coming home at your regular time, let your children know!  Always have an emergency number where they can reach you, kept visible by your home phone or in their cell phone’s speed dial (if they are allowed to have a cell phone).
    • Young children should have a card or I.D. bracelet with an emergency number on it to reach you.
    • Teach them about calling 9-1-1 and that it is free of charge at public telephones.
    • Teach them to go to the nearest public place or trusted neighbor if they think they are being followed.
    • Every day, discuss how your child's day went--be interested and involved.
    • Check your school's policies concerning absences and release of your children.
    • Be sure:
      • 1) The school has on file the persons you currently designate in writing who may pick up your child,
      • 2) You are aware of attendance policies and how you will be notified whenever your child is not in class.

     TlPS FOR KIDS:  

    • Always cross with the Crossing Guard at intersections—never in the middle of the street or between parked cars.
    • Do not walk to school through alleyways.
    • Do not walk alone. Try to walk in groups.
    • If anyone tries to intimidate or bully you, tell an adult.
    • If you change your routine, tell your parents where you will be and how to reach you.
    • Know the school rules!


    • Look out for the safety of children riding their bicycles or walking to and from school.
    • Do not let your child out of the car if you are double parked. Follow the school’s traffic circulation plan.
    • Pay special attention to your speed near schools.
    • Obey traffic directions from the Crossing Guards. They are looking out for your children's safety.
    • Be alert, drive defensively. Be a positive role model for children.


    For more information, contact our School Resource Officers:
    Officer Sean Stockwell at 310.458.8938 or 310.628.9157
    Officer Carlos Jaen at 310.458.8934 or 310.863.8407



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