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    Megan's Law

    In response to the sexual assault and murder of seven-year old Megan Kanka by a convicted sex offender in 1994, Federal legislation was passed in 1996 requiring states to disseminate information regarding sex offenders to the public.

    As a result of recent State legislation, California Penal Code Section 290.46 was enacted. This section provides specific information about certain sex offenders to be made available to the public via a website maintained by the Department of Justice.

    The information will be updated on an ongoing basis and will provide the public with the tools needed to protect themselves and their families. The California Department of Justice divides sexual offenders into three categories. Those categories are High Risk, Serious and Other. Only High Risk and Serious offenders are listed on the Internet site. This was a decision made by the legislators.

    The Megan's Law Website is provided through the Office of the Attorney General.


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