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    Pedestrian Safety - Pedestrian Safety Outreach Program

    “Be Safe, Be Seen” is a nine minute video produced by the Santa Monica Police Department as an educational tool for all pedestrians, especially seniors and tourists. The goal is to raise awareness so that seniors and visitors to Santa Monica will consciously think about safety and take extra precautions. The video illustrates some common misconceptions, reminds us of the rules we tend to forget and discusses California laws that may be unfamiliar to visitors.

    In addition to the video, we have also produced a sixty second Public Service Announcement starring Santa Monica Resident June Lockhart and other Santa Monica pedestrians. The “Be Safe, Be Seen” PSA is available in six languages and can be used as an educational tool for international visitors. To obtain a copy of the PSA for international visitors, contact Lauralee Asch in the Community Relations Unit at 310-458-8618.

    In the meantime, remember these common rules we often forget:
    Be ALERT- Look both ways.
    Be WISE- Cross at controlled intersections.
    Be PATIENT- Don’t rush out into the street.
    Be SAFE- Don’t start across until you’re sure the vehicle is stopping.
    Be SEEN- Make eye contact with the driver.
    Be BRIGHT- Wear bright clothing that makes you more visible to drivers.

    View “Be Safe-Be Seen"

    View the PSA in Other Languages: , French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish


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