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    Auto Burglary Prevention

    Most auto burglaries can be prevented. There are many things you can do to reduce your chances of becoming a victim: 

    KEEP your items out of sight.
    Take your valuables with you or place them in your trunk before you arrive at a location where people might be watching.  

    ALWAYS close your car windows and lock your doors even if you plan to be gone briefly.  A partially open window makes the thief’s job easier.  A garage is as secure as you and your neighbors make it; and,   burglars are finding ways to get into residential parking garages. 

    ALWAYS set the alarm.  If your vehicle has an alarm system, remember to activate it. 


    Thieves look for vehicles that they can enter with the least possibility of being seen or caught by citizens and authorities.   
    Try to park in well-lit areas where your vehicle is visible to others. 
    Be aware of your surroundings prior to leaving your vehicle. 

    Be eyes and ears for the police:  

    • Report suspicious people or vehicles in your neighborhood. 
    • Report suspicious, wandering persons looking into vehicles as  they walk. 

    What are thieves targeting?  

    • Electronics: laptops, CDs, iPods, cameras, cell phones and chargers 
    • Equipment in your vehicles, such as GPS devices, airbags, and stereos 
    • Purses, wallets, gym bags, and backpacks for cash, credit cards, ID cards, etc. 

    Auto burglaries are mostly crimes of opportunity…don’t give anyone an opportunity to make you a victim.  

    If the crime is “in progress,” call 9-1-1.  If you are reporting an auto burglary that already occurred and the suspect is gone, call our non-emergency number: (310) 458-8491.  



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