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    Tenants & Landlords - Visitors & Solicitors

    · Install a wide-angle-view peephole on your outside doors. Use your peephole to screen strangers at your door.
    · Be cautious of anyone claiming to be a salesperson or employee from a utility company (i.e. gas company or cable company) if you have not called for service.
    · Ask all solicitors to produce valid credentials or identification, such as a Driver’s License or Employee ID, and call the company to double-check their legitimacy.
    · Report any stranger who does not cooperate to the police as a potential threat.
    · Post “No Soliciting” signs. This can greatly reduce the number of unauthorized individuals wandering through a complex.
    · Discourage unauthorized foot traffic through common areas by installing front and back gates with spring closers.
    · Use intercom systems wisely. If you don’t know the person who rang your intercom, do not buzz them in, even if they claim to be the friend of another tenant.
    · Cooperate with other tenants in keeping the outer main doors locked and do not permit strangers to enter the building as you are leaving or entering.
    · Implement a building policy that requires all nonresidents to be screened outside the main entrance door by the tenant who is being visited in order to prevent unauthorized access.


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