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    Door-to-Door Solicitations - Signs of Fraudulence

    A person might be a fraudulent solicitor if he/she:
    · Is out of compliance with the municipal code
    · Behaves aggressively, acts threateningly or tries to make you feel guilty for not wanting to buy what he/she is selling
    · Pressures you for an immediate decision and demands cash only
    · Refuses to supply paperwork to substantiate what he/she claims to be selling or to give a contact phone number and address for whom they claim to work.
    · Asks for bank account or Social Security numbers
    · Attempts to make entry into your home (for example, by jiggling the door knob if no one answers)
    · Tries to peer into your home through an open door or window to look for valuables in plain sight.

    If you suspect that a solicitor is not legitimate, please contact the Santa Monica Police Department at 310-458-8491 for non-emergencies, or dial 911 for emergencies if the situation escalates.


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