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    Neighborhood Nuisances

    City living, unfortunately, may bring with it an occasional nuisance that affects your quality of life. If a nuisance affecting you is caused by an adjacent neighbor or business, you may be able to remedy the problem using diplomacy. Contact the offending party first, and tell them that you are affected by their actions. They may not even be aware of how they are affecting others.

    If you feel a conversation between you and the offending party may become emotional, consider writing them a letter. Seek the help of neighbors who are also affected by this nuisance by asking them to accompany you when you approach the offending party, or to co-sign a letter. If applicable, work with the apartment owner and manager to come to a resolution with the offender.

    During your efforts to solve a chronic nuisance, be sure to keep track of any conversations or correspondence with the offender or calls that you make to the police. This will help document the history of the problem should mediation or legal measures become necessary.

    Below is a list of some commonly reported nuisances and information on how to seek enforcement or resolution for them.

    Noise Disturbances
    Construction Noise
    Abandoned Vehicles
    Parking Violations
    Building Nuisances


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