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    Home Security Measures

    Residential burglars know when we let our guard down when it comes to home security measures.  In many cases, no force is used to gain entry during a break-in because the intruder enters through an UNLOCKED window or door.  This does not have to be the case – most residential burglaries are preventable.  

    By implementing the security suggestions listed below, the chances of being victimized by a burglar can be significantly reduced.


    • Always lock your doors and windows even when leaving for “just a minute.”
    • Never leave a house key under a doormat, in a flower pot, or on the ledge of a door.
    • Make sure the entire perimeter of your home is well-lit, especially front and back door areas.
    • Use timers so that the lights, radio, and TV go on and off throughout the residence to indicate that someone may be home.
    • For long trips, be sure to have someone you trust collect, on a daily basis, mail, newspapers, or anything else that might be delivered or left on your property.
    • If you come home and should find a jimmied door or a broken window, do NOT go in. Confronting a burglar can be dangerous. Instead, call the police immediately.

    There are some physical improvements you can make to help strengthen your home security against common burglaries. Most of the supplies needed may be purchased at any local hardware store, and installations are relatively simple. Learning to use good quality locks and other hardware in the right places, can significantly improve the security of your residence.  

    Property Identification 

    To schedule a free security check of your residence or if you have any questions, please contact the Community Relations Unit at (310) 458-8474.   For all emergencies, call 9-1-1.  For non-emergency situations or from a cell phone, call 310-458-8491 


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