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    Graffitti Problems

    Which of the following impacts does the appearance of graffiti have on a neighborhood?

    1. Decreases property value
    2. Increases resident’s fear of crime
    3. Attracts more graffiti writers
    4. All of the above

    If you answered “4. All of the above” you’re correct! If you notice acts of graffiti in your area, the SMPD suggests the following courses of action:

    1. File a police report when your property is affected. This informs patrol officers of recent “hot spots”. Encourage your neighbors to do the same.
    2. Remove or paint over graffiti on your property as soon as possible to deter additional offenders.
    3. Call the City’s Graffiti Hotline at 310-458-2231 to report graffiti. Graffiti on public property (bus benches, trash dumpsters, etc) or on your own property (with a signed waiver) can be removed by the City’s graffiti removal team.
    4. Organize a neighborhood clean-up campaign if graffiti or other visible blights are widespread.
    5. Work with neighboring property owners to obtain mutual agreement on the importance of maintaining clean surroundings.


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