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    Commercial Fraud - Prevent Shoplifting

    • Train staff to be courteous and alert. Thieves are less likely to steal if they think they are being watched.
    • Display merchandise neatly in standard groups with three or four items per display so that sales personnel can easily notice if anything is missing.
    • Place small, expensive items in secured display cases close to sales staff. Counters that are near exits are easy targets for “grab and run” thieves.
    • When displaying clothes, turn every other hanger on the rack the opposite direction, as this also deters the “grab and run” thief.
    • Display signs in your store that state “shoplifters will be prosecuted”
    • When you apprehend a shoplifter, contact the police department to determine what actions you should follow. Cooperate with law enforcement, and with the attorney prosecuting the case.


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