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    Neighborhood Watch - Join or Start

    To join an existing Neighborhood Watch group, contact the Community Relations Unit at 310-458-8474 to see if there are any active groups in your area. If there are currently no active groups in the area, you can be the first to start one!

    Concentrate your initial efforts on those neighbors with whom you already have occasional contact. For example, if your block is mostly single family dwellings, invite neighbors on both sides of the street and adjacent corners. If you live in an apartment or condominium, include everyone in your building and in the adjacent building, as space permits. Talk to your neighbors and tell them you are starting a Neighborhood Watch and need their participation. If you can find another willing neighbor to assist you, enlist their help and go safely door-to-door to introduce yourselves to other neighbors. See if any of your neighbors can offer their home to host the first or future meetings, or find another location for your meeting such as a local school, place of worship or library.

    Tips to Encourage Participation


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