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    Neighborhood Watch - How to Keep Your Group Active

    The continued interest and involvement of your neighbors is crucial to the success of your Neighborhood Watch. Holding periodic crime prevention meetings is important. However, try to avoid discussing only heavy solemn topics in your group, as this may cause a loss of interest. Instead, introduce a variety of activities into your Neighborhood Watch including the following:

    • Block Parties: Neighbors arrange to have the street blocked off from vehicle traffic to allow for an outdoor party. A potluck meal and games set the stage for a festive occasion. Consider inviting the Police and Fire Department to hold a display or give a demonstration. You can contact your Crime Prevention Coordinator for assistance with scheduling your block party.
    • Neighborhood Potlucks: A pleasant change of pace takes place when a neighbor hosts a gathering where residents bring and share their favorite foods and beverages.
    • Progressive Dinner: A great way to mingle with neighbors is to plan a dinner where neighbors prepare foods from a planned menu, and each item from salad to dessert is served at a different location.
    • Outdoor Picnic: When the weather is moderate, an outdoor or backyard picnic on a weekend is a fun way to get together with your neighbors.
    • Pool Party: Residents with pools can invite neighbors over for a gathering around the pool, especially during a heat spell.
    • House Warming: Introduce yourself to new neighbors and invite them to your next gathering. They may volunteer to host a future meeting in their new home.

    Arranging these types of activities will foster a sense of cohesiveness among your neighbors, and welcome new residents to the area. Having this kind of relationship with your neighbors will help make you better able to recognize suspicious or unusual activity and make you more inclined to report it to the police. You’ll also be able to alert your neighbors and raise their awareness and sense of community, thus making it more difficult for criminals to go unnoticed in your neighborhood.


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