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    Use of Model Aircraft in the City of Santa Monica

    Santa Monica is known for its great weather and the readily availability of a variety of outdoor activities.  As a public safety organization, the Police Department believes your safety is paramount whether you live in or are visiting Santa Monica.  Recently, the Police Department has received an increased number of reports regarding the use of radio controlled aircraft being flown in areas of the City where these aircraft are prohibited.  Accidents involving these model aircraft can cause property damage and serious physical injury.  The Santa Monica Municipal Code prohibits the flying of any model device in the following locations:  parks, playgrounds, beach, beach parking lots, or public recreational areas.  Model devices include, but are not limited to, airplanes and helicopters weighing more than 8 ounces. 

    SMMC Section 4.55.110 Park and Beach-Remote Control Models.

    (a)   No person shall operate any model plane in any park, playground, beach, beach parking lot or public recreation area.

    (b)   No person shall operate any model car, truck or vehicle in any beach parking lot.

    (c)   For purposes of this Section, the following definitions shall apply:

    (1)   "Beach parking" includes all roadways providing access to or connecting beach parking lots.

    (2)   "Model plane" means any device that flies, whether uncontrolled or controlled by radio, wire, or string, and is powered by internal combustion, electricity, gasoline, or any other type of fuel, and any device that flies by whatever means weighing more than eight ounces.

    (3)   "Model vehicle" means any model vehicle controlled by radio or wire and powered by internal combustion, electricity, gasoline, battery, or other type of fuel or power.

    (d)   This Section shall not apply to models in any area designated by the City for the use of such models if the person using the model is in compliance with posted rules governing the use of the designated area. (Amended by Ord. No. 2398CCS § 2, adopted 4/24/12)

    Your cooperation will help ensure a safer Santa Monica.  

    If you see a violation of this law please report it to our Communications Center at (310) 458-8491. 

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