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    Bicycle theft is one of the leading property crimes in the City of Santa Monica. Absent a police report, it is often difficult to identify a bicycle as stolen for the purpose of returning it to its rightful owner. In an effort to provide more resources to victims of bicycle theft, the Santa Monica Police Department is reaching out to community members to share information about Bike Index.

    Bike Index is a national, non-profit, bicycle registration website where bicycles can be registered by their owner for FREE. Bicycle owners can provide information about their bicycle such as the year, make, model, serial number, and frame size/material/color; pictures and/or video. If your bike is stolen, crime report information and the owner's contact information may also be uploaded. 

    Bike Index works closely with law enforcement agencies.  The Santa Monica Police Department utilizes the Bike Index to help reunite owner's with their bicycles when they are recovered.  More information about Bike Index may be found on their website, or you can sign-up and register your bike(s) at
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